​The Civil War by Elcyher

​The Civil War
The taste of her finger tips that ran miles through the haze and unpaved pathways to my lip’ destination still recall how stormy my wanting urges raged; how the sanity of the man behind the zip want amiss; how laudable my inner eruption impulsed to the wired flow of my scarred palms in solicitation for ravaging freedom .
There, it was a birth of another mystery , when salivary rainfall drenched the corridor of a starved rug (tongue) resulting in a battle of boneless warriors.
Two Strange lands became one; each warrior striving for survival.
But,few inches above the earth, the zipped man regained consciousness, vigorously yawning for a castle to harbour. And, the host of the shrouded tomb wen uncluttered-rising yet falling in a bid to embrace a naked stranger.
There, mystery grew to a climax forsaking the treasure of cloth.
The candle gained the response of the wheeling wind during the course of a valley and hilltop.
Behold, heavy breathe trailed a soft path, the panting heartbeats ebbed. In minutes last, chemistry was resolved, and, what’ s the aftermath of the civil war……..?
Revelation came in white drops.
Pen name: el cypher
Name: Rotimi Adeniyi

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