3 reasons why I made the Twyse and Family a Solo Project

Seeing myself act up to five or more Characters , pipu wee say that i am priding, trying to show myself but daiz far from the truth. I really wish to work and collaborate with loads of talented people but I feel its not time yet at least until i move my videos to a higher level than it is now (from costumes to makeup, location and many more).
Here are a few reasons I decided to go solo;
1) No one is actually going to understand either you or your dream till it gets big. It's a sad truth but sosh is life. Just like a script wouldn't make sense to the audience till the actors in it bring the script to life.
2) It's hard to find and bring people together at the same time and period you need to implement your ideas. most times I like to stay up at night when i get an idea and sometimes i want to shoot that night but no reasonable person would leave their house at 1am just to go and be part of a skit or short video clip.
3) Finally my major reason . Sometimes a lot of us feel like we can't chase our dreams and goals because we don't have people around us to support us, but one thing I believe is that we don't need anyone to give light to our dreams. We definitely need people around in the growing process but at the beginning, its all about you and your dream. I am sure Steve Jobs and Bill Gates didn't just get loads of employees to work for them in one day. They probably had to discover something, work on it and prove to others that it could grow bigger. Nothing is easy when it comes to dream chasing but nothing is impossible as well. Back in school days I wanted to be an artist because I loved drawing and painting a lot. Later I went on to study Law in A levels. I don't know how i even started making Videos in the first place, I never went to film school, all i had was an interest and passion and it grew from there. You can do anything as long as you can think of it and put your heart into it. Sometimes there are potholes and people will discourage you as well (it happens to me on a daily lol). But all you need is FOCUS. One more thing, this is actually funny to me; the time I wanted to start my ‘Twyse and family’ episodes, I told someone about it because I felt I could get some tips and encouragement and guess what i got in return?! “Can you do it” “Noo I don't think so, Naah you can't do something that huge. Focus on your skits jeje” said the person. Lol guess what! We are on episode 3 and still counting. Anyways I hope this inspires you :) Have a splendid day ahead.
Yours Truly, Ereme.

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