China calls for more international support in fighting terrorism

Mr Chao Xiaoliang, the Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China in Lagos, on Monday said that more international support would be needed in fighting terrorism in the West African countries.
Chao said in an article entitled: “China Support West Africa’s Effort in Counter-Terrorism,’’ that the international community needed to redouble efforts at eradicating terrorism in vulnerable countries.
The consul-general, who expressed his and the Chinese people’s joy at the recent release of another set of 82 Chibok girls, said that they quite understood the pains of terrorism.
“Recently, with the gallant efforts from the Nigerian Army and the people, another 82 Chibok girls were rescued. We are really happy to share in this great news. “China and Nigeria are both developing countries sharing a lot of similarities. And just like Nigeria, China has in the past also suffered from terrorism.
“We know that the international community has made tremendous efforts in combating terrorism, but we must know that terrorism is far from being eradicated.
“We want to say that without global support, the fight against terrorism cannot be sustained,’’ he said. Chao said that it was imperative for the international community to provide more assistance to developing countries currently being exposed to terrorist attacks.
He added that if something urgent was not done to eradicate terrorism globally, it would soon begin to threaten international peace and security.
The Envoy said that his government’s position in strengthening counter-terrorism would be to fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries concerned.
Chao also said that China would continue to support the role of the UN and its Security Council in coordinating national efforts and shaping a global response to eradicating terrorism.
We need to adopt a comprehensive approach to address the root cause, as well as the symptoms of this scourge.
“Terrorism is the result of a complex array of political, economic and social factors: it cannot be resolved by military means alone.
“We should not bring ideology into the fight against terrorism or link it to any specific country, government, nationality and religion.
It is, therefore, important that the international community should build more consensus and speak in one voice,’’ he added.

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