Dentist assists a South African woman who was badly injured while escaping from a violent stranger, regain her smile

Alexandra Deen narrated her shocking experience, after the extremely sad report of the South African girl murdered and burnt beyond recognition by her abusive ex-boyfriend gained attention across Africa. On the 12th of February 2017, she was abducted by a stranger but luckily escaped after jumping from his moving car. Not without sustaining serious injuries, which affected her face and teeth. (Read more here)

Sadly, the Police never took her serious enough to look for the man and arrest him for his crime. Alexandra on twitter requested for help from anybody who can assist her in getting her face back. "If anyone can help me get my face back, I would really appreciate it. I especially miss my smile.," she said.

A dentist, named Dr. Alexander Faizi Rawhani, has now offered to help out and this has kicked off. See a photo of Alexandra and her sisters at the dentists' office below.

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