Female fan Says I Love Banky W [READ IT]

Female fan reveals she used to like Banky W but not anymore…see Banky’s response.

To say that R&B singer Bankole Wellington is fast losing female fans would be stating the very obvious. However, what we never imagined was that there would be a female to openly display her dislike for the very likable artiste.
Banky who is presently in Dubai on the set of The Wedding Party movie shared a video of a very exotic and expensive hotel in Dubai hinting that the hotel was only for the very wealthy as the presidential suite cost $30,000 equivalent to about N10million or more.
Showing his sense of humour Mr. Capable said he was trying to negotiate what it would cost him to use just the bed, one pillow and bathroom only for this female fan to attack Banky and call him a proud man for spending such a huge amount and bragging about it.
“I used to like you” she said indicating that she no longer liked him.
Apparently, the singer’s engagement has endeared him to more people and at the same time made him lose fans… Lol.Well, Banky blessed her with a simple explanation referring her to the caption she obviously missed “Receive a sense of humour in Jesus name” he said.

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