Ghana’s visa sticker is outdated – Immigration Service

wish to visit the country, is archaic.
According to Public Affairs Director for the Immigration Service, Chief Superintendent Francis Palmdeti, the Ghana visa sticker lacks certain security features making it quite easy to fake. It also means that information on the visa cannot be read when placed under ultraviolet light. 
“We need to look at our visas, they do not meet international standards. It doesn’t have the required information that a standard visa should have,” Chief Supt. Palmdeti told Kojo Yankson, host of the Super Morning Show on Joy FM Wednesday, May 10, 2017.
He said having identified the problem, the Ghana Immigration Service notified the Foreign Ministry on the need to upgrade the features on visas but that is yet to be taken into consideration. 
“We think that it shouldn’t take us this long to get this done. Visas have evolved, in certain cases, you have the pictures of the person on the visa. Our visa has to evolve, ” Mr. Palmdeti emphasised.

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