Grandpa's Birthday

Ambassadors from overseas
would knock on
Grandpa's front(first) door.

The night would wear
the day's garment
with the showers of
fluorescent bulbs.

The welcoming balloons
 would be flying high in the air,
greeting the scent of the most
honourables amongst men.

The Queen would smile
watching the visions
in the television.

History would be asleep
only to be awaken by the
rumbustious merriment.

The 35 managers of Grandpa's
estates would ride Lexus
to Abuja; celebrating...
We shall read joys between
teeth slit open in our old Sonic T.V.

Harbert Macaulay would be
sound asleep to remind
Grandfather of sugarcane's plantation.

Ajayi Crowther would be away
to decode the foreign tricks
in simplified language.

Chinua Achebe would be on vacation
to read 'There was A Country' for
things not to fall apart.

Mr. Soyinka would have
his hair cut to remind
Grandpa of old age.

Chaos would be misspelt for Joys.
Remembrance would mean assemblage.
Our calendar would be
the only page spelling out
pains in numbers.

Father won't tell us the tale
of how an umbrella and
a frame of mirror equal ten hefty men.

The blinds would want to see
at least the waves of heads
beaming underneath the glorious sun.

The deaf would need ears
to hear the news breaking
from the transistor.

Guests would be served preserved
National cakes wrapped in green and white
as take away.

The headlines would be screaming
 for the D-Day,
selling the ceremonies in
fanciful words.

Years after years
of Grandpa's imprisonment
would be long forgotten.

it'd be Grandpa's birthday
when October clocks 1.
If you could wait,
I can't!

el cypher
—Grandpa's Birthday
Facebook: cypher muhammad

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