He came, He saw, He conquered.... (Continuation)

He came, He saw, He conquered.... (Continuation)

Abridged Copy.

That was Shakespeare's Julius Caesar's last words, if I'm not on the wrong track. I think, that befits my state of mind in bidding lullabyes and goodbyes to my Dad. He came, he saw, he conquered but he didn't win, isn't that a tragedy of life? Why have we come here to prove ourselves war imbeciles, bunch of innocents with age-long ignorance who suffer the aftermath of war since we've only come to see(watch) and later conquer but never win?
I had to succumb after countless of admonitions that 'to die is to live and to live is to die.'
It all happened within some minutes when I received that doom-spelling call...
'Hello Rotimi
Hey Mummy
Where are you?
In the classroom. I have a lecture, you'd have to call me back.
OK. Just beep me after class.
Alright Ma.'

Not so long after the class, I received another call from Mom...
'Hello Mummy
Hello, how are you?
I'm good. What about you?
Indifferent son. Do you have a serious lecture tomorrow?
Yes, why?
I want you to be at home this evening or tomorrow morning
Yes, your Dad is sick and...
WWha-t! Siiiiccccckkk?
Yes. Please, you really need to be back home today or tomorrow....
OK, Ma...

***     ***    ***

That was the brief omen I got which gave me some kind of premonitions. In an instant, I began anticipating; thinking wildly and widely. But, being a seeming bland and a personality of dynamic nature, I strived to wear off those evil thoughts, yet my subconscious mind wouldn't let me be. Each time those thoughts flung back—seeking tranquility in my heart—I grew crazy. Odd as it seemed, even to myself, I couldn't help but trying to figure out what could have happened or caused the sickness because I called him just last week Thursday and this morning, I was relating some things about him(Dad) to my friends —his wisdom, sense of humour, disciplines, policies, principles etc. It was hard to believe.
Later, in the evening, after school hours, I was still in the dim light–thought about it, unconsciously displaying some weird gestures like nodding unnecessarily, deep sighing (Hmmm)... all which were out of my control. Throughout that evening, I kept the company of some of my Rap Crew —Next D(Ola Bright), Ibrahim(D Boi)— without whom I wouldn't have kept balance in my mind that evening. Not long after we settled at Next D's apartment, we began to rehearse (freestyle stuff) as usual. Being awarded of my present condition, I waged war against those incarnating thoughts as not to find their ways into my free styling rap content. Some minutes later, I received that call which nearly broke my spine. When I glanced at the bog screen of my tablet, it displayed her portrayal...

       Mom again? I thought.

Picked it up, then, my head started tumbling

Hello, Mom
Hi, dear. You know what?
You're a man, you've got to take heart and....
What actually happened?
Your Dad is dead. I've just been trying to betray my words, 'cause I know how...

Unbelievable! I was like falling down from heavens. I said

Died?  What killed him?
I told you he was sick, rushed to Osogbo....
Hmmm, 'Inna Lilla hi wa inna illayhi Raji'un' (From you we emerged and unto you is our return)
She replied same.

It was a seeming dream, I prayed for awakening. Well, I have always dreamt of praying to wake up while I suddenly did, but this was a different case. I struggled to put myself together, and decided not to reveal it to anyone, maybe because I didn't believe what I was just told. The only solution which sprang up in my head was that of dialing his number, I searched my contact and I found his (Dad). When I dialed it, I received a notification of being switched off. Silence became my choice, so I kept it for long.
Back to my area, I was preparing for traveling, couldn't eat, in fact I had no appetite that moment.
Moments later, I logged in to my WhatsApp account, I informed  one of my Broadcast Group member Akanni about my sudden preparation for traveling the following day that I'd be absent from school especially from directing the drama which I just concluded scripting. He prayed for my journey mercy and being informed about the death's issue, he consoled me.

***        ***    ***

The following morning, I boarded a bus to Osun State. Getting home, I appeared in a pair of black trousers, black shoes, native shirt, well ironed and I wore black glasses. A strange man at first acquaintance would arrive at a conclusion to call me 'Guy in Black'. When I arrived, I saw many faces, mostly strangers—old, young, fair, dark— but something struck me in the heart, I saw my Dad.

*** *** ***
[To be continued]
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