He came, He saw, He conquered....

He came, He saw, He conquered....

That was Shakespeare's Julius Caesar's last words, if I'm not on the wrong track. I think, that befits my state of mind in bidding lullabyes and goodbyes to my Dad. He came, he saw, he conquered but he didn't win, isn't that a tragedy of life? Why have we come here to prove ourselves war imbeciles, bunch of innocents with age-long ignorance who suffer the aftermath of war since we've only come to see(watch) and later conquer but never win?
I had to succumb after countless of admonitions that 'to die is to live and to live is to die.'
It all happened within some minutes when I received that doom-spelling call...
'Hello Rotimi
Hey Mummy
Where are you?
In the classroom. I have a lecture, you'd have to call me back.
OK. Just beep me after class.
Alright Ma.'

Not so long after the class, I received another call from Mom...
'Hello Mummy
Hello, how are you?
I'm good. What about you?
Indifferent son. Do you have a serious lecture tomorrow?
Yes, why?
I want you to be at home this evening or tomorrow morning
Yes, your Dad is sick and...
WWha-t! Siiiiccccckkk?
Yes. Please, you really need to be back home today or tomorrow....
OK, Ma...

[To be continued]
El cypher

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