—Heavy Heart Pours

No longer
 do I walk in my father's shoes;
   they're old and worn out
for my soul's cobbler to mend.

I was born not of a lost ancestor
    but of a weeping god for
       a multi verse to live.

here lies in my palms,
the maps of a world unthreaded,
destination undiscovered,
secrets undivulged.

flowing in my eyes is a stream
of origin unknown only to be
traced by a ready swimmer.

I am not a man made of written chronicles
for I evolve unlikely wise like
a crab staring back at a world behind
to guide his shell.

the time that journeys wise is my enemy.
For, I am not a mind  seated in my chest
nor a heart caged in ribs.

Lo! When I seek me in the mirror,
I see a giant with clenched fists
bludgeoning the air waves that
blow every fate.

I am a verse of lost poetry;
lyrics of unsung melodies.
I have found me lost as of broken;
fading echoes to the listening walls.

El cypher
—Heavy Heart Pours

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