Here Are 6 Habits Of Couples Who Have Good Communication Skills

They Don’t Make Universal Statements

Universal statements are comments that tend to generalize a person’s behavior or character in a negative way, according to Psychology Today. Saying things like “you always” or “you never” to your partner can be harmful because it focuses on what’s wrong with the person and doesn’t allow for room for growth or change.
They Listen
In a heated argument, you’re often thinking about your response while your partner is speaking. But rather than worrying about your comeback, it can help to be in the moment and listen to what your partner is trying to say, as Psych Central mentioned.
They Validate Each Other’s Feelings
Everyone is entitled to their own feelings, which is why you should do your best not to belittle your partner or try to diminish the importance of their feelings — even when you don’t agree. As the previous Psychology Today article mentioned, when a person’s negative feelings are invalidated, they will likely get stronger and create a barrier in the relationship.
They Are Honest
Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable. But in a relationship, honesty is extremely important. According to the aforementioned Psych Central article, small lies can evolve into bigger lies, which can have dangerous consequences in your relationship. Even if you think the truth will be hard for your partner to hear, they will appreciate it in the long run.
They Speak Up
Unless you are in a relationship with a mind reader, there’s no way for your partner to know how you are feeling if you’re silent. According to the aforementioned eHarmony post, it’s your responsibility to tell your partner what you need in a relationship.
They Are Flexible
You may think you have the best idea, but being open to other’s opinions is an important part of successful communication, according to the eHarmony article. Not only will you let your partner know that their ideas matter, you may actually discover a new or better way of getting things done.

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