I’m the complete opposite of my character Tuvi in ‘Slow Country- AMVCA winner Sambasa Nzeribe

AMVCA 2017 Best Actor Sambasa Nzeribe stated that he is a complete opposite of the character he played in the movie ‘Slow Country’.

Speaking with BBB Media, Sambasa who played the role of a ruthless drug lord Tuvi said, 
‘I’m the complete opposite of the character I played and what I have played most times’
‘What attracted me was the script; the story telling was awesome, and once I connected with the script and the story as a whole, it made it easier for me to look at Tuvi and say if he was a real life person, how would he behave, and by God’s grace, there have been good reviews’.

On the movie itself and what it was like shooting, the AMVCA best actor stated
‘It was a very interesting movie to shoot, but it was a tough journey, and a very challenging one. It was my second time working with the Eric Aghimien, I worked with him on his first project, ‘A mile from home’, so working with him on Slow Country was beautiful one, though challenging because Eric is known for pushing his work above the ordinary. At some point, it took a toll on everyone on set, but everyone just gathered around and encouraged each other. It was very interesting, it was a fantastic one on the part of the cast and crew and the film maker Eric Aghimien.’
Written, produced and directed by Eric Aghimien, Slow Country movie has been described as the best action movie ever to be made in Nollywood.

Slow Country will make its cinema debut on May 19th, 2017.

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