Jide Kosoko, others want late James Bond immortalised [READ IT]

The late internationally reputed artist, Roger Moore, popularly called James Bond, must be immortalized by naming important places after him.
Veteran artist Jide Kosoko, other actors and some fans of the deceased suggested this on Wednesday while reacting to his death that occurred on Tuesday. He was aged 89 years.
They told the journalists on that when Bond is honoured, generations yet unborn would remember and appreciate his contributions to the entertainment world.
According to them, that will o encourage contemporary as well as up-and-coming actors to put in their best into the profession.
They said that James Bond’s death had left a great vacuum that would be difficult to fill in the entertainment industry.
They described James Bond as a naturally endowed thriller in the famous “007’’ movie series.
They told in Lagos that Moore’s cool and calm personality made him the most suitable to play the espionage character he was assigned in the movie series.
Jide Kosoko, a veteran actor, reacting to the death of Bond advised other actors to emulate the contributions and professionalism of Bond to the movie industry and the entire world.
Kosoko said that the actor should be immortalised for his role in bringing the movie-industry into limelight.
According to him, the death of Bond is a great loss to the industry, especially, now that the experiences of such great icons were needed by budding actors to help build a better society.
“Everyone will die; but what we asking for is a life long enough to empty the store of gifts and talents in us.
“James Bond was a very popular figure not just in the entertainment industry but also in humanitarian services.’’
Kosoko advised up-and-coming artists and those in showbiz to addvalue to the society by taking a clue from Bond’s philanthropic gestures.
Another actor, Charles Awurum, said that Bond lived a great and enviable life by using his influence and reputation to fight for children all over the world through the UNICEF platform.
Awurum said that the legend should be celebrated and immortalised by the entertainment world for his contributions to the movie-industry, especially, the popular “James Bond” series.
“He is one of the first actors we watched on the television channels while growing up and over time encouraged most of the present-day-actors to go into acting.
“I hope the world honours him in the right capacity so that others can pursue same dream of becoming renowned personalities in this business of ours.
“If that is done, we will be encouraged and know that our dreams of taking up the acting career will be realized over time,’’ he said.
For Amina Ndim, an actress, she said Bond was a good and a popular actor that was known all over the world.
“I liked his acting when I was growing up, especially, “007” movie-series.
“He acted in many films and he added glamour to his craft, by adding comedy to his acting.’’
Bond contributed to the growth of Hollywood by improving that industry. May he rest in peace,’’ Ndim said.
Also, Tony Okuyeme, another actor, said that Bond was an actor with an extraordinary talent.
“Many people will miss him and his acting skills. He was always adding new things to his films. I like watching his films and some artistes emulated him.
“He was what you will call a natural talent. His comic way of doing things while on set was amazing.
“Hollywood and the whole world will miss him,’’ he said
A teacher and a fan of Bond, Mr George Olufemi, said that the deceased would be greatly missed because of his contributions to the sector while alive.
“Moore is smooth when it comes to representing the spying character that James Bond depicts. He was really good with females but was equally dangerous around enemies.
“I feel sad that he had gone to the world beyond but I thank God that he lived long and left a great mark in the movie industry, ” Olufemi said.
To Mr John Alade, a business man, Bond highly increased the audience of the “007’’ movie series which invariably popularised the movie and earned it more profit.
“It was because of Moore’s acting prowess that I became a fan of the James Bond’s series. Moore always had a way of thrilling his audience as the movie progressed, ” he said.
An artist, Dele Afowodu, also expressed grief over the death of Moore.
He said that Bond’s death came as a shock to him because the deceased was still looking ‘hale and hearty’ in the films where he featured.
Afowodu, however, expressed his condolences to his family and fans all over the world and thanked God that he left a positive mark in the entertainment industry.

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