Tell the man
with ash stained beard,
that his trespassing moustaches
reminds me of an old village wise
who mumbles in soto voce.

        Tell him that
his forest hair provokes
the bald head like Adaara's mountain
without a trace of leaves.

         Tell him that
his framed spectacles
mock the begging eye of Ajani;
the half blind.

Please, warn him
that my father's ancestors
rebuke him if Ifá is found scarce
in his table diary.

Remind him,
he's not the son of the land
if he despises Ògún and Egúngún's

Herald to him,
he's a mere chaff before Olúkòso
if he dares teach Sangokunle
Whites' wisdom.

Jingle to him
that he's a bastard whose
origin is only spelt out in books
if he dares stand against Àsà and Ìse.

O, tell him 
that an earthworm that walks
the path of salt is bound to
wallow in endless pain.

Caution him that a snail
which climbs the Mountain's peak
will soon depart his crust.

Tell him again,
the world will not move
if he echoes his intelligence
to the four walls.

Tell Kolofomania,
Pùròfésò Aláìmòkan
Akòwé ko wúrà
that wisdom flourishes
 in our backyard
and culture is our pride.
*Àdáàrá's mountain: A mountain in Iwo land.

*Ajani: A Yoruba male name.

*Ifá: Oracle.

*Ògún and Egúngún's: Ogun (Yoruba's god of iron). Egungun (Yoruba god whose festival is marked yearly).

*Olúkòso: another name for Yoruba's god of Thunder.

*Sàngókúnlé: a son from the family who worship/believe in the god of iron.

*Àsà and Ìse: ASA (culture) Ise (custom)

*Kòlòfo: empty/void (container)

*Mania: A great, sudden desire/ethusiasm for something.

*Akòwékowúrà— A sarcastic word for vain writers which literally means 'golden writers'

*Pùròfésò— Yoruba's pronunciation for Professor.
*Aláìmòkan— Ignorant

KOLOFO-MANIA- Sarcastic (coined) word by the elites with great (empty) desire for foreign culture thereby treat theirs as uncivilized, barbaric and excommunicated.

Name:Rotimi Adeniyi
Pen name: el cypher
Facebook: Cypher Muhammad
Contact: 07033026209

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