Meet Unyime Etuk, the Pencil Whiz

Unyime Etuk is a Nigerian based artist known by most of friends as "that pencil boy". Unyime Etuk is a graduate of the department of physics of the University of UYO.

THE STORY BEHIND HIS PENCIL WORK "all my life, i have always wanted to be a pilot because of my love for aeroplane and space crafts. But one thing led to another and i landed in physics department. So while in the Tertiary institution, I was told by so many that physics can only land me in classroom. Fear gripped me because that wasn't my dream. So the fear in me led me to picking up the talent that i dumped. I took up my pencil and started drawing again. I faced many challenges and discouragement. But the fear of the future made me more determined and hardworking. My work is a product of fear and hard work and I sincerely hope someday, this hard work will gain me endorsement deals and show me out to the world. This is now my dream. " Follow Unyime Etuk on instagram: @etukunyime_ and also like his Facebook page; Unyime Etuk arts.

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