Methodist Church: Coup not the best for Nigeria now

Methodist Church Nigeria has declared that the solution to the country’s myriads of problems is not coup.
The church, however, suggested that what Nigeria needed now was to change its system of governance to reflect true federalism.
The Church is also of the opinion that to get quality political leadership, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) must ensure further improvement in the nation’s electoral process, especially towards the 2018 national elections.
Addressing journalists on Thursday at the end of the 11th Annual Synod of the Methodist Church Nigeria, held in Ibadan, the Bishop of Agodi Methodist Church, Rt. Rev. Amos Olukayode Ajiboye explained that coup was not the best for Nigeria for now.
He noted that since Nigeria had passed through era of difficulties successfully , now was the time to solidify 19 years of democracy and look inwards to fine-tune the system to achieve true federalism for the benefit of the Nigerian masses.
“It is true we are hearing rumour of coup, but we don’t really know how true it is . If that should happen , it will not augur well for this country.
“We only need to change the system to reflect true federalism. Coup is not the best thing for Nigeria for now, ” the Methodist Bishop said.
Ajiboye also noted that there was worsening hardship being experienced by the generality of the citizenry due to economic recession in the country.
He said the federal government should embark on well reasoned policies that will take the country out of the current economic hardship , and not to aggravate the economic suffering of the citizens, such as the rumoured further increase in price of petroleum products.
He said “INEC must ensure further improvement in the electoral process in order to ensure that people’s vote really count, as a means of enhancing quality political leadership.”

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