Otiko, Bugri Naabu not treated with kid's gloves - John Boadu

Acting General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has admitted the feud between its Northern Regional Chairman and the Gender Minister, negatively affected the party hence its decision to sanction them.
John Boadu said Daniel Bugri Naabu and Oti Afisa Djaba's trade of insults has damaged the party's image which is very much disapproved. 
Madam Djaba and Mr Naabu were reprimanded and bonded to be of good behavior by the party’s second highest decision-making body, the National Council.
The two were directed to submit a written apology after they engaged in a public spat and political muscle-flexing.
A public relations nightmare had engulfed the party after a discordant relationship between the two played out last Saturday.
Mr Naabu disrupted a meeting he described as a "secret" one organised by Madam Djaba in his region which he claims was without his knowledge. The two later engaged in name calling complete with defamatory allegations.
There have been public criticisms of the party following the punishment handed to the two officers by the National Council.
John Boadu, who is also National Organiser of the party, however, refuted claims the two officers were treated with kid’s gloves by the Council.
“For you to be told in the face to that your action and utterances is disapproved and be asked to write and apologise to the party and Ghanaians as well as being bonded, is akin to being told to leave the party,” he said.
He added that the decision taken is in consideration of the attitude of the offender.
Mr Boadu explained that if the two have been at the meeting arguing their way out and insisting their action was right, the decision would have been different. 
John Boadu also explained that to nip this problem in the bud, the party will amend its constitution to bar its executives from being appointed to ministerial positions.
“Obviously, this decision will be part of the amendment process and a clear decision will be taken and a statement made to that effect in congress.
He said this gives the party the opportunity to review its constitution as well.
Meanwhile, as many as 11 elected and appointed National Party officers of the governing NPP will be affected by the party’s National Council directive for them to step aside.
The move by the Council follows a clash between the party’s Northern Regional Chairman Daniel Bugri Naabu and Gender Minister Otiko Afisa Djaba who doubles as the National women organizer.
Those affected includes those in the communication team, regional and national executives.
The party needs to elect a new National Women's Organiser as Madam Otiko will vacate her post, the communication team will replace Nana Akomea, Perry Okudzeto and Anthony Karbo among others. 

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