My sincere gratitude goes to the whole Mass Communication, ND 2, who have shown me great care which serve me mercy and wonder yonder expectation. And my true friends, at home and those in diaspora(Abroad or overseas). I have sought ways to prove me less an ingrate by which these wordings are very minimal to what I really feel within me for you. You have offered me immeasurable condolences; physically and spiritually, all of which I hold sacred to my heart. I'm indebted to everyone of the class members who rendered me a sense of belonging, I just want to say 'you've proven to me that we're a one big family.'
My prayer remains that, happiness and joyfulness will not be found scarce in your homes and my present state(pensive mood) would not be reward in return for the gigantic cares you showed me. (Amen)
Should I commence expressing my gratitude in words or figures? Believe me, this medium won't serve my heart its best desire because almost every name of the class members will be variably included yet I won't save the time of recalling those messages and calls I received, warm and genuine hugs, consolatory letters, advisory messages and so many more, I say 'THANK YOU ALL.'
It stirs within me, a feeling of ecstasy which gives me courage, hope and promise of what future holds for me. I just want to say, the journey just BEGAN and I wish this institution is not the end for everyone of us.
It is hard to 'take heart' when none falls on the ground, but I know 'taking heart' goes a long way at giving a sense of being a man, a solid pillar which upholds my faith.
              Longfellow once said
        'To live in the heart of those we love
              Is not to die'
I really appreciate your concern, consolations, pieces of advice and admonitions.
El cypher

** **/16

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