Poem By El-cypher_ADETUTU



I have heard of the dancing echoes
To the drumbeat of your heart
When I listened with my turtle ears
As they pierce through my hollow chest.

I can see how the crest of your eyebrows
fall; calling in rhythm of trailing silence
O, I was there, when mighty knights lost
their treasures in wishes for your dangling smile.

I know, the stairs of your shoulders
Are gods-bestowed to rise your beaut
Above everyman's pride in spite of their flaunts
Ah! Chants of eternity beseech your cherub's voice.


I have heard of merchants who priced
your beading waists as they passed along
the tunnels to bargain your delicate neck
Am I the only one who dreamt of your grace?

The dews that ascend to settle on your skin
How do I tell of them with my chapped lips
O, do you still remember I am a son to the town crier
Whose desire flies in ringing the bell of your praises?

Ó da náà (Alright then),
If you neglect my thrilling noise
I know the skies won't fall as does my tongue
If you reject my pleading knees
I know the stars will still shine
Unlike my protruded forehead.

But, if your athletic feet still plant
Affection on the soil of my mind
And, the crescendo of your hums still
Gong the walls of my heart...
As you tweak your buttocks to the cardinal angles
Let me be your drooping wrapper
Tied around your waist.

PEN NAME: *El cypher.*

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