Poem By El-cypher_Epistle to Mariah

El cypher∞
∞∞ Epistle to Mariah ∞∞

Mariah, your eyes are a garden
Of roses without thorns
And the beauty of your skin is laden
Up with glittering spotlight stars                                4

My first gaze at your being
Such an acquaintance with an angel
My mind whirled to sing
A melody to the birth of your smiles                         8

Did you know i wore a guise
To beguile you of my looks
But invaded were my senses of disguise
With every stare you threw                                        12

Not a day passed, never a night slipped
Without my gallery being filled
With your portraits that made my heart flipped
Into a rush of illusions                                                  16

Then, obsession came a long way
Sighting your new luna moon
Sometimes at night, sometimes in the day
I knew my heart was insane                                        20

A season came, growing a wish in my eyes
With words of passion written all over
So, i weaved smiles into lies
Hope one day you would fathom                               24

Mariah, i had not slept a night
Waiting for your celestial love
Though i closed my eyes in a fright
Not ever to slumber when you came                        28

I knew an angel descended
When i heard your footsteps trailing
They created turbulence unended
Within my head when i tried to think                       32

Now, I'm more overwhelmed
Craving your presence to be still
I, a mere admirer seemed
For i could not slip a word                                          36

Mariah! Haven't you dreamt of stars
A galaxy of light made
From my worries and scars
To build you a dream of me                                        40

I had an ancient thought of you
Romeo and Juliet in verses
I hope Shakespeare knew
Of my sonnets to your heart                                       44

Mariah, my first discovery was twin hills
With their slopes through your chest
And i sought a treasure to thrill
My heart from the twist of your waist                      48

Adorations are my gifts
To lure your heart and court
But my heart from bottom shifts
As i draw an inch to you                                              52

Mariah, draw me nigh your heart
Let our minds be coupled
O, let me but love insert
To mock my defiant devil                                           56

Mariah, let these dreams be gone
Or forgotten through your caress
Let's forgive being alone
But dive into the streams of love                             60

Mariah, night is clouded, breezes raging
Shackle me with your warm brace
I seek not to loose from aging
In your arms, there let me die                                  64

Death is jest, let's eternity call
As you hold my hands in shy spirit
Let our hearts climb without a fall
From the tower of sentiments                                 68

Mariah, won't you read this epistle?
From my naked thoughts to you
I clamour to deny not my fettle
For i thirst for your whole                                          72

Mariah, this heart is enveloped
For you to tear or care for
And this love had not eloped
But had long waited decade of days.                      76

                                                                 To my dearest angel
                                                           Whose heart is built with shy
                                               To read these words but find her smiles
                                                     Within the darts to pierce her desire
                                                               Mariah Titlayo(Tee Gold)!

El cypher∞
© **/*/15
2:51 am

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