Poem By El-cypher_JOY'S

I can't just tell how I feel, I supposed I'm in high spirits but something is crystal clear; I wish to unleash something.
The news is throughout the previous year, I've been on for an adventure seeking a way to the secret part of me. Haven't you ever felt you could do more than you really have been doing?  Well, I know I'm one of those who feel such but it was all a fragment of dream until my gloomy mind witnessed a conniption of fear to behold the spark of revelation which served as the key to unlock.... (what?) I think I've forgotten.
But, I'm confused right now and I've countless of times been asking myself in quietude 'Who 'Am I'? . Lots of answers were revealed yet a more rhetorical question sprouted up 'Who Am I Not To Be'?
I just want to thank God, for the 'Time Is Now'. I mean time for every(s) and time for any(s ) I've been waiting for.

Now, this is me:

I am so.

I am so
Blind to the signs
To have seen
Art and Science
As the gods of Nature

I have seen
Hitler in his might fell
Drowned and defeated
Like the giant Goliath

I never knew
Titanic would sink
In my dreams when
the world came to an end

But I am no deaf
To the words
To the revelations
He sent

Though my sins
Countless they are
Yet, ye hath promised me,
love and thy glory

I grovel before thee, Lord.
Penitent I am, accept me God


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