Poem By El-cypher_LET THEM; TELL THEM

*Let Them; Tell Them*

Let them slay us by their words
And let their sabers pierce our throats
To the point of death, to the edge of swords
We shall clamour through tones of throes

I say, let them slay us through our brothers
Let their faces and fates be turned to the sun
And if we're strangled shoulder to shoulder
We shall still clamour, before it dawns

Tell our tales to the hills and valleys
To echo our toils and deeds of foils
And tell to them, Giants to claim not allies
With the lords who brought us turmoils

Let them bury us without catacombs
And upon our dead bones, sing no memoir
But, if we live still within the tombs
Tell them, we await them no return.

"©Mc cypher"
** **/16*


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