Poem By El-cypher_SONNET: My Mistress Eyes' Like The Rainbow's Blush

It turned two years yesterday and I commented:

"Our greatest joy is falling back on sweet memories of our own handiworks"


O My Mistress Eyes' Like The Rainbow's Blush

O my mistress eyes' like the rainbow's blush
Lay 'pon the dying glories of the sun glow
Across her stare saw'st I bright season's lush
As starlights to her honour seem to grow.

So gleam;brilliant colours from her rare sight
And those edges of her eyes hath been 'dored
By the phantom descendants ere their flight
That no sight cast 'pon her shall be abhorred.

But nought like starlights' glow 'all tell of thee
Nor could that rainbow's lush of August spy
Shall so much compare, O,nor better be
For these divine verses only thee pry.

I know,those splendours of the moon shall brace
Each ball of your eyes,so shall my verse praise

© M.cypher!

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