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I need none to preach it. I bequest no book to teach it.  I expect no  theory to reach it. Even, no law  do i think could breach  it.
S ome call it _imperfection_ and some, _weakness,_ either the ways, i see it as a *'difference'* Long ago have i always heard folks men saying'human difference' the nub which upholds the root to any relationship.  It begins with understanding others weaknesses and strengths, it begins with tolerance of such, it begins with the knowledge of human—the need to stay is not the same as the reason for being away.
 W ho art thou
without a weakness
O r myriads to behold
W ho art thou
so depressed because of no strength
Call it a difference
M ake it a change
It begins with how different we are able to see things.
Y our strength may weaken at other's weaknesses and in their strengths, you probably could find your might.
 Do we need wearing off our weaknesses to spot our strengths?  Life has this common trait—the course for which you're appreciated is the same point for which you're to be relegated.
The woe fate which befell life is the evil  'comparison.'
We're so myopic to see other's weaknesses as a difference like  the other reactive side of a magnetic.
Laws of attraction could be wrong with our inability to appreciate weaknesses; our lack of sight to see that differences make us but *unique.*
We need not change who we are for what we hope to be, i mean we need not plant a step when there's no foot.  We need hold on to the might yet to complement other's strengths.
_M y strength, your weakness_
_your might, my plight_
_we need not  fight_
_but embrace to grace_
_ourdistinct differences._
Slim shady got it right:
*let's trade shoes*
*and you need not walk thousand miles...*
Do we need to trade shoes before we walk thousand miles?
 I won't strive or struggle to wear your shoes, they may not fit. But, i can admire your shoes and polish mine, together we are mates for the world to see that the world is full of  shoes with different sizes.
  Many dudes out there are with no shoes and they tend to criticize your s if you allow them to. Many around the corner have broken shoes,  so they wish to mock yours if you allow them. Tell them your shoes ain't the best but you're contented wearing them.
Tell them, you're far from perfection  s and you dare not strive to achieve one.
Tell them, the world is not meant to compete simply because you're a human not a warrior.

*El cypher*
*#In perfection*
*#Shoe trade*

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