Poem By El-cypher_THRESHOLD


I've come to the threshold
Threshold of your heart
Heart,which i once behold
Behold to depart
But now i cling to you
You,my promised love
Love that makes pair of two
Two hearts to resolve
Shall i tell of a tale
Tale dead as the past
Past when deeds were once stale
Stale as age's outcast.
Lo! Let not go of this
This sacrifice made
Made of love to your miss
Miss that shall not fade
Forlorn! That's what hopes seem
Seems to be when you're
You're naught but like a dream
Dreams too true to dare
Dearer to me,shall all
All fantasies go
Go yonder and make fall
Fall of desire show
I shall wait to embrace
Embrace this unknown
Unknown love and a grace
Grace not yet be shown


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