Poem Of The Day _ WhatHonoursSeeksUsBe


I know what honour seeks us be;
A tongue for gratitude
To scar good deeds in hearts.
Yet, what frailty bade I not see?
To sing in abundance
Of words and of praises.
If this, honour beseeches me...
May my candle of good
Deeds never dose or flick
To worth me certainty to thee.
For, what is fame if not
That, which blinds us but more
In ignorance to think
Good deeds 'll earn us eternity.

Pen name: el cypher.
Spur Of The Moment.

It is funny how men seek honour blindly from good deeds done. Therefore, they sing themselves godly worth praises. If in truth, that's what honour means, I don't see any good in doing good.

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