Prof Wole Soyinka: "The Ooni of Ife is above all, Ife is the cradle of humanity”

Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has said that contrary to what many scholars or monarchs have said, the Ooni of Ife throne is the highest throne of all; implying that Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaha II is the greatest monarch existing.
In a post made public on Facebook, the Professor insists that the kingdom of Ife “is the cradle of humanity”
In his words, the respected Nobel Laureate says that the fact remains that the ruler of the Ife Kingdom is supreme and he implored the King to desist from responding to counter or alternative theories.
“The influence of the Ooni and Ile Ife as the cradle of mankind transcended this region. Ife monarch was recognised and referred above other Obas outside the shores of Nigeria. If you walk on the street of Cuba or Brazil, somebody will tap you on your shoulder because they know you are black, they say ‘who are you?’ And you say ‘I am Osun, Ogun, Sango’. At the end, they will ask you how is the Ooni? It means the Yoruba race, culture is beyond this environment.”
The submission of Professor Wole Soyinka is coming in the wake of several theories ranking the Ooni of Ife below some other monarchs, while King Obateru Akinruntan of Iwo submitted that he is the greatest monarch.
” It is not necessary to argue with them…we know what we know” Sole Soyinka said.

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