Rights group: Nigeria structured to fail

Rights group, Centre for the Vulnerable and the Underprivileged, Centrep, has described Nigeria as presently structured to fail, saying that nothing will work in the present day polity until the nation embraces restructuring.
Oghenjabor Ikimi, Executive Director, Centrep, in a Democracy Day statement, yesterday, in Warri, Delta State, said there was nothing to celebrate nation-wide since the advent of the current democratic experiment, except massive corruption and under development.
Ikimi said: “As an independent nation, Nigeria is built on a fraudulent federal system of government where component states are subservient to the central government. We run the most expensive presidential system in the world, with 811 chief executives.
“Alaska, a state in United States of America, is four times the size of Nigeria, but Alaska has just one governor. Nigeria has a president at the centre, 36 states governors and 774 local government chairmen at the third tier of government, with the resultant effect of a haemorrhage in our oil dominated economy.
“On this occasion of Nigeria’s Democracy Day, we join other well meaning Nigerians to call for true restructuring of our nation in line with our six geo-political regions, each region made to control its own resources and contribute a token to the central government.

“The only solution to our current political, economic and social challenges is observance of true fiscal federalism as each region would be allowed to develop at its own pace. True federalism will encourage healthy competition amongst the regions which would catapult growth and development of our nation as giant of Africa.”

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