Timaya get ideas by starring at bums – See what he said

Say what you may, the fact remains that singer, Alfred Inetimi Odon, aka Timaya, has achieved a lot in the music industry. So much has changed about the singer from his days as a Port Harcourt-born youth hungry for fame and fortune. Today, he is known in lots of countries all over the world; he is a brand ambassador and he makes good money from his music. With six albums to his credit, he has a repertoire of hits that can hold a crowd spellbound for a long time.
In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Timaya spoke on how he gets his inspiration some times. “I love the human backside because it is very beautiful and just by staring at it, I get ideas for songs. And that is how songs like Ukwu and Shake Your Bum, came about. However, I also sing about many other things so it is balanced. A lot of people are hypocritical because songs about bums usually have the highest downloads but people would come out to criticise them. So who is downloading them? I have learnt that you can never please everybody and I don’t waste my time trying to do that. I stay true to myself, and if you’re cool with it, it’s okay. And if you’re not down with it, that’s also okay. Life goes on,” he said.
Revealing a side of him that is rarely seen, Timaya spoke affectionately about his daughters. He said, “I did not know I could love anyone the way I love my children. I have a very wonderful relationship with my daughters and I relate with them a lot so they also see me as a friend.”

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