What's the use of a relationship where you are miserable? Freeze asks, advices women to move on from unhealthy situations

Using the example of the supposed love relationship between 39-year-old new French President, Macron and his 64-year-old wife, Briggitte, who divorced her husband to marry him, OAP Freeze advised women to follow their hearts by moving on from unhealthy relationships. According to him;
"If Brigitte Macron had continued staying with her first husband, she would never have  become the French First Lady. Also there are women who stayed with their husbands, like Michelle Obama did, and became First Ladies too. It's not about going or staying, it's about YOU!

Let me ask you a few questions this morning; Is it working for you? Are you truly happy in your relationship? Or are you in an invisible prison built by religion and society, that tells you if your marriage fails you have failed? One pastor looked at me in 2007 as my marriage was crumbling and said I was a failure. Is Brigitte a failure?

Follow your heart and spirit and live forever. What's the use of a relationship where you are miserable, being beaten and cheated upon? Or are you the one beating and cheating? Maybe you are better off alone or in another relationship.

Ladies, life is short, find your president and become a First Lady. If you are already with him, love, protect and nurture him, If you are not, come out and get him before someone else does!"

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