The first time I realized my mouth is much of slippery lies, I had cautioned myself not to talk in crowd. I thought lying do impress people sometimes until I got myself into trouble. Oh! Sorry, I forgot to tell you my name. I'm Aderozi Ade. My friends do call me Double A. I was the last born in my family. My father Mr. Aderozi Jacob was a principal in my school while my mummy was a SoIdier. Can you view how tough it would be? A woman being a soldier; that sound like suicide. My elder ones always get me into troubles. 
Every time I woke up in the morning. Set for school as fast as I can. Bro. Jide would just come from nowhere and start telling me to go and tell Daddy that I need money for a specific thing in school. I was so bewildered that I couldn't talk nor argue. I went as expected. My father would ask what do you want to use it for; I usually become deaf and dump at that point. I will reminisce the beaten I received from my mummy last week:just because I lied. This time I won't put myself inside concoction of doom. I better spit the truth out. I tightened my eyes and focused on my father's eyes balls. I was looking actually like a saint. Who am I to tell the truth. My brothers would kill me if don't collect it. I jotted words from my father's eyes.
"Are you ok?". Mr. Jacob asked suspiciously.
"Yes dad. I was just thinking if you don't have much, just give me little you have". I replied weakly.
"Really.Anyways, I don't have much on me, but I would tell your Teacher that....".
Ade immediately collected words from his father mouth before finishing. Due to the 'teacher' his father altered.
"Dad, I know you would be wondering what would I do with this money, just that I was selected among some Gymnastics to go for a briefing; and I have to drop just  2,500naira before approval".
My father became thoughtful, as he waited for me to round up my words. I was still summarizing when a knock cut his attention; I swallowed my words immediately like I have finished taking,And left to open the door, unkowning it was Bro. Jide signal. Telling me to do quick and collect the money. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone that knocked. With that, I chirply told my father to postpone this discussion. I wasn't getting myself anymore. My eyes were already soaked with tears as if I was given 45 Strokes of cane. I was almost close by bursting out to cry out. My father never noticed what was going on. I tried and bring up another discussion to end up what we had talked before.
"Dad, I will be closing early today due to the fact that we are ending our exams".
My father, Nodded positively. Adjusting his colar and brushing his dark sparkles hair like a woman. I knew what I said wasn't rightful enough, how could I have said such, while my father was the principal of the school. I haven't counted times without numerous numbers I lied against what is not pure to hear as truth. All because of I thought lying was just for fun. Like my brother do say. I kept mute Still until my father threw me his bag, then I took it smartly to the car.
Avoiding the blockage of Bro. Jide which he would definitely ask me the feedback. Then after few minutes in car waiting anxiously; my father finally came in as we drove off to school with immediate effect.
After few hours, we finally got to school. Here in Will spring College, I was in S.S.2 ,actually the time-keeper. I do punish my junior ones in school just because I was the principal's son. 
Everyone respect me. I suppose to be the head boy before just that I was not academically sound enough to be. But when it comes to Social things and being Diligent:No one would ever deny me. My first crush was Ife. Ife and I had been friends since primary school, she was the best in the class then. I don't love her just because she's brilliant, but because she was the most beautiful girl in our primary school. I love good things actually. No one will want to befriend just an ordinary student of no use. I hold one thing in mind then. Which was my problem before. Am always shy to confront a girl.many times my friends would shower vulgar words on me, which  always cry me off to bed. I do different types of style just to talk to Ife. I eventually  was forced to spit it out to Bro. Jide,he is the only person I know as a brother of wise thought and brilliant mind. He wasn't that cute. But I respect the fact that he carry something for brain. When am down in thinking debt, he would rise me up with words of encouragement, which I thought was good for me. Now, I can face any girl whatsoever. Due ugly or beautiful. I was getting up little in Secondary school. But still lacking behind. Many times I would cry myself to bed, thinking of not going to school for like a week:just in my own lazy view. That, I can't tell my father, even if am sick my father will still carry me to school. Taking me to sickbay with force. There I would be given varieties of injection and drugs of different made. I became weak and dull for some time;that for like a week:I would pee on my boxers and immediately change it curiously in the toilet when noticed. I thought I was charmed by some spiritual powers until I come to realize it was my too much usage of drugs. I stopped being forming sick again from then on. I don't want to die now:I still have good things to do on earth.
Just as I know myself to be. I am a critical liar. This is not about playing on words. But I would be serious all time I do so. To the extent everybody knows Mr. Jacob wasn't my father. I actually told them he wasn't just that I was just staying in his house due to some hidden things.but everyone already knew me as his son:So i lied it was actually WOLE SOYINKA.
Everyone got into my trap. Double A. Now become Wole's Son. Sound interesting. I never knew life of a liar is more of enjoyment. I would tell a lie like 6 times before the end of a day. Which my friends count as truth. Until one faithful day I mistakenly told a friend of mine in school. Which his father was my father blossom friends from childhood. That day I can never forget in my entire life. My daddy drag me out from my class and laid some thunder strokes on my buttocks. I already knew it high time I die. I begged and begged. I screamed on top my voice but eventually seized. Is this how a life of a liar usually be?  If I had known, I wouldn't have say such. I was beaten mercilessly that my clothe got rent off. It was shame all through that day. I no longer prove as I was from that day. 
I became holy and gentle. I knew if only one thing I would hate from my father. It would be the day he drag me out from my class and beat the living day out of me. From that day. My nick name Wole's son changed instantly to Testimony. I now know that in life what you hope doesn't reach you sometime, but what you don't at all always come to you. Why? Because SUCH IS LIFE.

Adeniran Joseph

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