SUG President Accuse Fedpoffa Rector Over Abuja's Gate 'Close'

*A Communique on the Stand of Reformation Movement to the Present   Imbroglio in Federal Polytechnic Off,  Kwara State*

The making of giants may be done in the secret but will definitely be seen by general public- unknown

After much deliberation, fraternisation and discussion,  the apex arm of the organisation (CPC)  hereby give the following as its stand on the present avoidable issue presently perpetuated in the Federal Polytechnic Offa,  Kwara State which has its long whip on the Student Union Government and unarguably the studentry generally:

1. The management of the school *must* as a matter of urgency give an enabling environment for the conduction of the Student Representative Congress (SRC)  election
2. The date of the Student Union election is sacrosanct as stated in the school academic calendar
3. The management of the school *must* do all within its power to bring a lasting peace to the school environment.
4. No student should be threaten or maimed for any reason before, during and after the Students' Union Elections (SRC and ICEC nominations inclusive)

The Central Planning Committee of this organisation is watching all the activities keenly as we will any individual or group of people with inordinate ambition to  tamper with the fragile peace of our Alma Mater.

Long live Federal Polytechnic Offa
Long live Reformation Movement Nigeria


For: CPC

Shomuji  Olujimi

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