[MUST READ] Charly Boy supports Buhari’s Stand on Biafra Agitations

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Maverick entertainer and right governance propose, Charles Oputa, additionally recognised Charly Boy has thrown his weight at the back of President Muhammadu Buhari on the problem of Nigeria’s unity.

President Buhari, in his national address Monday, reiterated his management’s 0 tolerance for secessionist agitations by a few ‘irresponsible’ factors.

Reacting to the speech, Charly Boy, who penultimate week led protesters on each day sit down-outs at the team spirit Fountain in Abuja stressful Buhari both resumes responsibility or resigns his role, stated that he shares comparable thoughts with the President at the Nigerian assignment.

in line with him, there is a great cause for all Nigerians to accept as true with inside the team spirit of the u . s . a . if the fundamental troubles of our cost erosion are addressed. He additionally stated that Igbos agitating for an unbiased Biafra nation over perceived marginalization via the authorities on the centre of the federation are missing a fundamental factor; that's sitting spherical with different ethnic nationalities to talk and fashion a manner forward for a better Nigeria for all.

He told leading edge while asked his opinion on the issue of Nigeria’s unity as espoused by way of the President: “a number of my Southern brothers are asking why I ought to agree with in Nigeria. My answer is why not if we will remedy the fundamental problem bedeviling the country that is the truth that our values had been eroded.

“The youths are mastering from their elders who are the political leaders. to this point, we've got seen elders and leaders who are enmeshed in corruption. who're essentially riff-raffs who're going for walks around, who've controlled to nook authorities. those are not the type of humans to move the u . s . forward.

“I need to peer a better surroundings for all Nigerians. In truth, it’s painful that some of our youngsters abroad now not want to go back to Nigeria. Even, the ones in Nigeria need to leave the united states of america.

“If we push difficult enough, Nigeria would possibly simply get better or something extra fine than the existing state of affairs would possibly manifest, due to the fact we are able to’t live on like this.

“i'm an Igbo man. Even my humans are ‘yabbing’ me and asking me why destroy a sweat over Nigeria. let’s face Biafra as an alternative. but I say to them; I may be a dreamer however I nevertheless consider in Nigeria.

“it's far the identical combat ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ movement and what the pro-Biafra agitators are struggling for. it's far almost the same fight. “Biafra people are announcing that they have been marginalized and that is actual. Nnamdi Kanu has added Biafra and placed on the desk and uncovered the marginalization of the Igbos which is right.

“but inquire from me; Biafra or loss of life? No, I don’t agree with in that. however allow us to sit around a table and talk Biafra. yes, I consider in speak. that is what we want to do.
“this is why ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ is telling younger humans please move and be a part of this kingdom building and don’t go away it to the vintage people; in any other case you'll don't have any destiny in Nigeria.”

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