Greetings to my humble readers and Barka De Salah to my Muslim brothers and sisters across the country.
I want to congratulate Nigerians for bidding farewell to a demon called recession as proclaimed by our big brothers. And at the same time, a jumbo kudos to our leaders for the price of goods and provisions that are selling fast in the market at cheaper rate and the three square meals are now affordable for the common men on our broken street. More so, I want to use this medium to appreciate our Governors in all the thirty six states for the full payment of salaries and allowances of the workers which testified that the so called recession have walked away in our land. But, What if the salaries of workers are not fully paid in all our states? What if the price of goods still maintains the high flag in our market? Then I wonder the kind of recession Nigeria Government is talking about. I wonder how we have moved out of recession when a common man strives hard to get his daily bread.
Sincerely, I can not but laugh at the comic display of Nigeria Government at both Federal, State and even Local level with the way and manner they use propaganda and agenda setting to bamboozle the masses. Even when they use propaganda to build positive image, I believe, Nigerians are not daft to evaluate the present economic situation and make a good contrast with the era that have come to pass. The evaluation is incomparable as regards to the obnoxious increment in the price of goods in the market.
Funny enough that not less than four different national dailies carried a report that Nigeria has moved out of recession even when it's obvious and conspicuous that there is nothing like change in the four corners of our fallen wall. The people at the grassroots are suffering and bemoaning of hard time, hunger, unemployment. Tell me, Who moved Nigeria out of recession?
The last time I visited market, I still found out that *a Congo of rice is #550 naira, that of beans is at the rate of #400 while common Garri still maintain #200 naira price tag per Congo. This is applicable to other goods and provisions such as electronics, building materials, motorcycles, tricycles and cars. If all these are not affordable by an average working class in Nigeria, how have we gone out of recession*?

Although the help of farm produces like yam, cassava, maize and groundnuts have reduced the level and tension of hunger in the country and these have made our brothers at the top to think that the country is relieved of hardship.
No! Let us be frank with ourselves, Nigerians still whine and dine in the pool of recession and it is the onus of the Government to find a proactive solution and regulate the price of goods in the market. They are not meant to serve us the juice of propaganda on the pages of newspapers. As a matter of fact, the only story Nigerians can embrace now is when there is decrease in the price of goods, housing materials, crude oil and a good recuperation of roads, schools, hospitals and other social amenities. If these are taken into consideration, recession is dead!
So, let our fathers in government house be aware that raining season cannot measure our journey out of recession. When dry season comes, we shall tell if recession have gone to eternal slumber or the gown of our nightmares are still the same.
Three things cannot be long hidden: The sun, the moon and the truth. _Apology to Buddha_
I am
Busy Brain
A student of Mass Communication from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State.
God Bless Nigeria!

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