Biafra National Guard Severely Criticizes Buhari for Mass Terror

Biafra national defend has seriously criticized Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari for sending country wide troops to the South-East.

in step with the institution, the armed profession turned into to perform slaughter and counseled Igbos to shield themselves with the aid of all approach in opposition to squaddies despatched to the area.

NAIJ Nigeria has received an superb statement issued by using BNG spokesman. mainly, it said that during 1984, the essential standard Muhammadu Buhari illegally removed from electricity a democratically elected President of Nigeria. he's a staunch dictator and hater of the people of Biafra who declared the battle in opposition to law-abiding and nonviolent human beings of Biafra.

it is in addition stated inside the declaration that the president Buhari performed a key position in the severest genocide against the humans of Biafra in 1967-70. The Biafra country wide defend also declared that Muhammadu Buhari intentionally despatched troops to sure regions parts of Biafra with the aim to slay powerless humans of Biafra.

“The deployed soldiers commenced to injure and murder Biafrans consistent with the order Nigerian president`s order. We question the reality why this man offers unfastened rein to squaddies to take lives of unprotected and powerless people. Why does UN remain silent? on account that September 10, 2017, Nigerian troops were on the rampage in Anambra, Abia, Rivers, and Delta country. considering the fact that that time they started to assault, frighten, kill, and pressure Biafrans to vanish forever,” the Biafra country wide protect`s spokesperson maintains.

The BNG also said that they have been raising alert not due to the fact they were begging anybody to save them however because they want to avoid blames in future. Biafra countrywide defend can restore Biafra that is the simplest thing that can promise security in their lives. they're also sure that no one will blame them for protective their lives and local nation.

The BNG moreover declared that every one troops deployed to Biafra ought to quick go back to North and Niger Republic where they regarded because the band of infantrymen. in the event that they maintain on occupying Biafra, they'll undoubtedly regret it.

“Our land is a land of peace, and a call for the referendum isn't always a name for battle. We feel pity for the squaddies and what is going to encounter them if they don’t pass away. President Buhari can not send them to die while he has fun together with his family. squaddies ought to learn how to fight a just warfare. They should discover ways to be humans. They have to discover ways to stand towards dictators. squaddies have to find delight in protecting lives towards competitive enemies and not turning to gun down defenseless civilians. we have determined to die for Biafra. we're infantrymen however infantrymen of equity, liberty, and love. We best desire Biafra to finish killing and political strangulation of our humans,” emphasised the spokesperson of the Biafra country wide protect.

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