BIAFRA WAR IS NOT LIKE AKPU AND EGUSI SOUP (An Open Letter To The Igbos ) By: _Busy Brain_

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Much have been said to ease the indignant decision of the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB ) who are fully ready to pull out of the country and gain their own freedom. Let's be sincere with ourselves, this agitation is right and necessary. Why? These regions are the oil producing states and their land has been taken over by crude oil. 
Their crops cannot grow well. The fish in their rivers are dying. Nothing good come from their land except crude oil. 
These people don't know the value of raining season because their water has been diluted with oil. Their land is poor for cultivation unlike southern parts of the country where cocoa pods are enjoying germination on a fertile soil. Their yams, potatoes and cassava tubers are smiling on their ridges. 

Their cereals are laughing and waving hands to hunger, likewise the northern parts of the country where their farm produces are always ready for consumption. Their cereals and lettuce embrace germination without hindrance. 
All these are not enjoyable in most of our oil producing states and these are much of the reasons these people have deserved more in terms of social amenities and development not because they are oil producing states but due to their unfavorable soil for cultivation.
Without mincing words, none of the regions in Nigeria can fold their arms against maltreatment when it is obvious that the major sustainable resources of the country is from their own land. Not the Hausas can tolerate it, nor Yorubas. 
Our problem in Nigeria emanated from the careless management of other resources and therefore, concentrating mainly on the crude oil. 
We have neglected our cocoa farms, cotton, groundnut pyramid, palm kernel and rubber. Whereas, these among others are the available and sustainable resources of our neighbouring countries. These countries does not have crude oil and they are living fine. Not in Nigeria where

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