Feminism And African Culture "By Elcypher"

Ever since I acquainted with  Jaat,  I had had an instinct he's a revolution to the vicious circle within which evil-ization seems to lead us.

Often times have I been discombobulated about the so clamoured gender equality even when we all know the truth, though we tend to shackle it in all ramifications.
I am not of the damn opinions that women are weak s*x, NEVER! In fact, they're far stronger beyond our imagination, nevertheless, they're forged by the Supreme Smith (God) to blend along with the superiority of men. Yes! I'm not being blinded or biased to have mentioned or stated superiority, so long my wife to-be won't pay any price to own or lead me to the altar to marry me.

 Only this millennium has the craze for gender equality seek to riot itself and claim pages of literatures, warm benches in courts, crave solace in our ever tranquil mentality.

The worst of this is the fact that, despite the recent scars the White dominions left behind, we ( Africans) remain slaves who worship their feet in decision making and not only had their supposed claim being proved that  'Africa is a primordial void'  but we've also vindicated that by our shallow mentality.
In the times of our forefathers, what was 'gender equality' if not for a man to marry as many women as he desired?

Today, the world has been worn a new garment with a feathered shoulder to kick civilization in our face and blindfold us of the true nature of man. This is not a dream or prophecy but, I'm having an instinct that, soon 'women shall soon claim to be husbands (isn't that some bit of equality?). That, soon, women would have no urge to marry any longer to weigh some levels of the so called equality.
 Maybe I've been unconscious of what Gender Equality  really depicts or I have been perhaps lost in an age long slumber.
Good Lord, I need someone to wake my waning soul.
I am of the personal conviction that women are powerful. Indeed, in a rather more real world, they're the delectable treats for the world's ecstasy without which men would never have been comforted. Yes!  They deserve to be cherished, adorned, revered, goddessed amongst all, yet, my faith frowns at the household where a woman 'husbands her husband,' where a woman 'lords her lord.'

This lays my memory back on the lane of reasoning which pertains to one of my old Master's assertion:
 "Women are born to (be) love(d)
 Men are trained to love"
I hold that assertion dear to my heart and I revere every woman of all sorts of category but, it's highly disheartening to reason along with some of our maidens whose sixth senses are lost to the westernized system of civilization taught in previous academics. O, I'm disconcerted to perceive the rioutous sensations in their speeches and approaches today in a protest for gender equality. We are humans and no fucking law would ever emerge to dispute or breach that law, for it's law itself.
Meanwhile, that should have been the general view of the whole thing,  'We are Humans, Humans are We'.
Why do we have to prove Shakespeare right?
 'Women are necessary devils.'
I want to believe we are all created equal, let's alter the word 'GENDER'.  I don't believe men could survive without women neither do I ignore the fact that women can never survive without men.
Then, what is the craze and sanity behind gender equality if not a way to lead the whole humanity astray?
It's with the same mentality that Lesbianism and Gay have been propagated as a way to abuse human nature.
I supposed women should have revolted against lesbianism and men against gay instead of the balderdash of gender equality.

On a last note, I'd like to urge our women to remain whom they are;  salt of the world, mothers of the universe, pride of the nation...instead of seeking reflection in the invented mirror of  evilization  called civilization.

By Elcypher.

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