Lagos ‘third most stressful city’ in the world – study

a brand new take a look at has stated Lagos, Nigeria is one of the most disturbing cities within the world.

500 places have been taken into focus in the examine carried out by means of united kingdom-primarily based drycleaning and laundry carrier Zipjet.

Lagos became ranked 0.33 in a studies that revealed the arena’s most and least traumatic towns of 2017.

Baghdad was ranked the maximum stressful city universal, accompanied by Kabul inside the 2nd location.

Cairo and Dakar had been  other African towns on the maximum annoying cities listing, while there was no African illustration at the least annoying cities list.

In assigning the ranking, some of the factors considered have been visitors ranges, infrastructure, pollution stages, finance, residents’ wellness, public shipping, percent of green areas, financial status of residents including debt levels, bodily and mental health, and the hours of daylight the city receives according to year.

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4 of the pinnacle ten maximum pressure-free cities are in Germany; Stuttgart is in pinnacle location, Hanover in 0.33 area, Munich is 5th and Hamburg is the joint ninth most strain-free town along Graz, Austria.

See the total list under.

the arena’s least annoying towns

1. Stuttgart, Germany
2. Luxembourg metropolis, Luxembourg
3. Hanover, Germany
four. Bern, Switzerland
5. Munich, Germany
6. Bordeaux, France
7. Edinburgh, united kingdom
eight. Sydney, Australia
9. (tie) Graz, Austria and Hamburg, Germany

the world’s most worrying towns

1. Baghdad, Iraq
2. Kabul, Afghanistan
3. Lagos, Nigeria
4. Dakar, Senegal
five. Cairo, Egypt
6. Tehran, Iran
7. Dhaka, Bangladesh
eight. Karachi, Pakistan
nine. New Delhi, India
10. Manila, Philippines

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