Mr Ibu: Africa Needs Unity To Attract Internal Community

Nollywood actor John Okafor has cautioned international locations to forge a more united African that allows you to appeal to the attention of the worldwide network.

Okafor, popularly called Mr Ibu, advised the information organisation of Nigeria (NAN) in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday that the method must start from person countries thru the sub-regions to the continental degree.

He stated that system of unity have to begin with person countries and then directly to the continental level.

“We need to be greater united at a time like this to get the favored attention from the international network,” he stated.

Okafor complained that media reviews emanating from Africa have been constantly approximately conflicts and screw ups.

at the sub-regional stages, he said, that residents should no longer need a visa to enter the nations.

“My vision is that Africa must pass beyond that. let there be an Africa borderless. if you are an African, you should get a visa at the point of entry.

“allow us to endeavour to become one united Africa. i am providing one brother, one state,” Okafor said.

The artiste also canvassed a common foreign money on the continent, pronouncing Africa has the ample herbal and human sources to aid its economy.

“The African Union ought to champion this motive and make certain that the continent is ambitious, united and receives the desired attention from the rest of the arena.

“Africa isn't a long way from Europe. we can accomplish that many stuff collectively for the advantage of our people,” the actor stated.

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