TOTEM (for Her Highness, Zaynab Otiti Obanor) III — By Balogun Yusuf Gemini

Some bear the mysteries that linger in royalty -
because of wealths. inheritance. status.
Some can't just bear the mysteries -
for they might go blind.
And what law ordained that -
when a feet step out of the palace,
she can't roam freely on the popular world ? 
Even akudaaya roam freely.

Soldier goes,
soldier comes.
A soldier today,
a soldier forever.
But a soldier can dump his belt -
and pick a gauntlet.
She is out of the palace -
she is no more a spirit -
she is a woman..
she was always a woman,
for ade isembaye make a king,
and hence,she was not a queen -
but a choice wife.
The spiritual realm is built on choices -
not compulsion.
The gods don't dictate,
they prophesy. 
And Olodumare has total powers over prophecy..
for it to come to life or not,
just like He control a blossom -
to last for long or not.

Go to the earth and multiply !
was the command of Olodumare.
If this land is of no convenience,
then we can always sojourn to another land -
we are all common men,
until we see what we shouldn't see.
And we can always be common again -
it's from the heart,
not from the body.

Memory will have it -
as the queen who didn't last for two years,
because she couldn't endure -
the ghommids called royalty.
But -
there is always a second chance,
until death comes.
She is not to be blamed -
the gods are not to be blamed,
choice. choice. choice.
we always want to apportion blames -
we are still blind.

Some water have flowed for ages,
that dusts now make a nest out of it.
The chain would still continue,
as our heritage now turn to sham -
and the other world cackle at us..
the gods are laughing at our foolishness,
for no aspersion is to be casted on her -
she is never to be blamed.
She can once again,roam the free world..
liberty. choice. wisdom.
Yo yo yo,
E ronu.

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