Breaking: CEO Of G-Worldwide drags Kiss Daniel to court (MUST READ)

A month ago, Singer, Anidugbe Daniel, prevalently known as Kiss Daniel and his previous record mark, G-Worldwide Entertainment dropped out, and the last have prosecuted the previous.
G-Worldwide drags Kiss Daniel

Kiss Daniel had left the mark and went ahead to glide another record name, Flyboy Inc, under whose engraving he discharged his most recent single, "No Do."

Presently his previous name, G-Worldwide is dragging him to court, and blamed him for "finding a way to delegate another chief, request for appointments, and has kept on arranging and enter execution assentions in regard of the tunes from the collection New Era, and Evolution which is set to be discharged soon containing singles, for example, Yeba, For You, Senorita, Sofa and others, delivered under the agreement, including utilizing the stage name 'Kiss Daniel' without the organization's earlier assent and authorization."
G-Worldwide drags Kiss Daniel

Ruler Geezy, Leader of G-overall Entertainment.

In an announcement by G-Worldwide's attorneys, Calmhill Partners, it was expressed that a Federal High Court in Lagos had on November 30, allowed a request that all gatherings ought to keep up business as usual under the agreement. The organization additionally cautioned the overall population against getting any business with Kiss Daniel.

The announcement read, "The import of the request being that the state under which the gatherings existed under the agreement ought to be safeguarded until the point that the court makes an assurance of the movement on see documented by the organization. All and any dealings in regard of the transfer, dissemination, or potentially execution of any of the melodies, and also the utilization or abuse of the name 'Kiss Daniel' can along these lines just be entered or made with the earlier composed assent and consent of the organization as gave under the agreement."

A duplicate of the court arrange marked by Hon. Equity Babs Kuewumi somewhat understands, "It is thus requested as takes after that then the two gatherings are requested to keep up business as usual prior to the war under the chronicle contract pending the becoming aware of the movement on take note."
G-Worldwide drags Kiss Daniel

The case was dismissed till January 9, 2018.

In the interim, the announcement by Calmhill Partners, which was marked by Aso Kalu Etea, cautioned that any individual who directed business with Kiss Daniel pending the assurance of the suit gambled being held in disdain of court. It read,

"The overall population and the entire world is additionally advised that as the issue is presently under the watchful eye of an official courtroom (subjudice), and following the request to keep up the present state of affairs, any unapproved transfer, appropriation, misuse, execution, deals, and utilization of the tunes (from the New Era andEvolution collections), or stage name 'Kiss Daniel', in any show, occasion, downloading or spilling stage, will be disregarding the request of the Federal High Court.

Any individual who does or keeps on doing as such might be obligated as an assistant for hatred of court, and the full weight of the law will be brought against that individual as a contemnor. Any individual or association who arranges, or goes into any concurrence with Mr. Anidugbe to connect with him on the premise of his assumed rights over the melodies in the two collections, or the utilization of the stage name 'Kiss Daniel', does as such at his or her own particular hazard and risk."

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