Meet Yomi Sars, otherwise known as. Lagos Gucci Mane, the ostentatious SARS agent, who is likewise an artist in Lagos

Nigerians are shouting out finished police fierceness allotted by agents of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police Force. 

Yomi Sars

And keeping in mind that the discussions about police changes are continuous, we investigate an individual from the power who is a cop by day, and an artist by night. 

Yomi Sars, otherwise known as Gucci Mane Eko (Lagos Gucci Mane) is a 30 year-old vocalist and rapper who consolidates handling wrongdoing with recording and discharging music. He's a local of Lagos state, is well known in circles of the music business. 

Yomi Sars
He makes music from the roads and for the lanes. A look through his developing discography sees him drawing motivation from the Lagos terrain, and transforming that into music. His conveyance style is center road, where he freestyles in Yoruba, over substantial beat. 
Yomi Sars

Be that as it may, he wasn't generally in the city. As indicated by him, he was pulled in to the lanes at an early age, and left home to go get his way there. 
"I was conceived with a silver spoon yet I exited the confort of my home to be on the Street similarly as though I knew my mum won't remain on for long… … I express gratitude toward God who drove my way in the city and improve me a man." 

Yomi Sars is well known among performers in the music business. His position in the power, guarantees that he pulls in the kinship of numerous performers. One of his nearest buddies is Olamide, the indigenous rapper. 

The twosome have a solid bond, showing up at various shows together and giving yell outs via web-based networking media. His other companionship circle incorporate A-rundown specialists, for example, Pasuma Wonder, Reminisce, Wizkid, Phyno, Davido and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 



His discharged records incorporate 'Japa' (delivered by Young Jonn), 'Adoyoyo', and 'Gucci Mane Eko'. 

Off the mic, Yomi is effectively required with fighting wrongdoing. He is frequently associated with uncommon missions. One of his guides is Abba Kyari, an associate police magistrate of Lagos State has been marked 'Nigeria's Jack Bauer' because of his exertion in conveying prominent gangsters and crooks to equity. Yomi works with Abba Kyari, and infrequently share bits of knowledge into the workings of the police. 
"Yomi is an extraordinary person," says a cop, who declined to be named for this post. "He is a companion of everybody, and we would all be able to depend on him. That is the reason he is mainstream to everybody, and he has a decent heart." 

Once amid an operation to get hijackers in Delta express, a cop was murdered amid the following shoot-out. Yomi too to Instagram to ponder it. "We lost an overcome officer yesterday was shot by a savage ruffian in delta state… and was covered today… .Inspr Rasheed Sanusi may ur soul rest in peace… .If I kick the bucket today amazing saint cos my 21 weapon salute must finish," he said. 

Being an artist and a cop implies he is a prime focus for feedback. He navigates the two universes, get under the skin of people in general via web-based networking media who always question his commitment to the activity. 

He handles the feedback well, going about as a de factor advertising official for the power. When he went on a crusade to feature Police officers who are recognized in different fields. They incorporate Chioma Ajunwa, Chuck Norris, Samuel Peters, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

As the developing voices of Nigeria's childhood against the mercilessness of SARS agents keep on rising, Yomi tended to the issue on Instagram. You can discover the post underneath. 

"The #EndSARS is not any more one that any capable Citizen disapproved of Police officer can disregard, not really offering trustworthiness to a portion of the shocking yet clear portrayals however Policing is to keep up general society peace in whatever pretense the distress may come. 

From Wuang, Dallas, Frankfurt, Paris, London and even Conakry Citizens have sooner or later in time, say as of late challenged Police fierceness. 

It accompanies the activity, it is a pitiful truth. It's same as the Doctor that leaves a spatula inside a patient or watches a patient pass on in light of the fact that the family couldn't influence money to store for treatment, it resembles the school Proprietors that wouldn't permit the most splendid kid in the school compose exams on the grounds that the guardians can't bear to pay the charges, the Lawyer that inhales well knowing a blameless individual have gone to imprison simply because lawful expenses couldn't be paid . All these rely on the person's reality see, individual foundation and good check list. 

Unquestionably a few Officers are on the outrageous in the line of obligation, some are at work for individual delight however we should recognize the bigger rate who are commendable Ambassadors of the Police Force. 

Those that day by day challenge the absence of essential needs like settlement, uniform and different packs, state-of-the-art innovation and supplies, no life coverage or commendable remuneration for family as well as friends and family on account of death in the line of obligation and with the little they're given, battle fierce violations, lead examinations, find crafty hoodlums and do everything they can to keep up lawfulness. I say once more, a more noteworthy number of Officers of the Nigeria Police Force are Heroes without capes. 

My straightforward proposal in loaning my voice to the #EndSARS is this; let us together raise the standard of our general public, our aggregate presence as a people, for in case we're yet to understand each particular aspect of the general public mirrors the entire, as no element can perpetually stand unapproachable. 

Equity is a framework, a societal measure and as the Yorubas will state "Gba fun Muri ni gba fun Gbaja". This obviously shouldn't prevent the Police from investigating the different claims leveled against the body, and the need to explore and remove the wolves among us."

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