Banks, Firms and Government workplaces allowed to revive for business

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A month and a half progressive facilitating of lockdown starts on Monday

Laborers in the banking, development, assembling and nourishment preparing segments are allowed to come back to activities from Monday, the Federal Government gave the green light on Wednesday.

Likewise to come back to work are senior government authorities.

Each one of those included are relied upon to regard the set down conventions.

The Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 sketched out this on Wednesday in Abuja while explaining on the steady dialing down of the lockdown to contain the Coronavirus Pandemic has reported by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The President in a communicate on Monday said halfway come back to commonality would start on Monday to forestall the breakdown of the economy while venturing up the fight against COVID-19.

He forced 8pm to 6am check in time the nation over and an all out lockdown of Kano State where positive cases have risen cosmically.

The PTF said the slow come back to regularity will take a month and a half.

Schools and the flying segment will stay shut for the time being, the legislature said.

National Coordinator of the PTF on COVID-19, Dr. Aliyu Sani, said banks will be permitted to open from 8am to 2pm day by day while watching the new limitations.

Dr Sani said temperature test, respiratory cleanliness and limitation of social affair of not in excess of 20 people must be clung to.

He stated: "For government workplaces, government staff will be permitted to continue yet it will be founded on explicit evaluation levels and explicit days so we can decrease the measure of blockage that we may have in our administration workplaces and we will talk about further with state governments to ensure that we have a typical way to deal with this.

"Banks will be permitted to open however there will be limitation in the opening times to between 8am to 2pm and together with the various preventive estimates I have just referenced.

"Likewise, from the purpose of horticulture and country improvement, organizations engaged with nourishment handling can initiate activity.

"In building locales, basic street will be permitted however waivers will be given by state governments to empower development.


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